Special Edition Sunday Post: It’s My Birthday


[Image description: “2” and “1” number candles next to each other making the number 21. Both candles are designed with a purple outline and are filled with streamers and dots of red, yellow, and blue on the inside. Both candles are lit.  Image source]

I have never broken my schedule and posted on Sunday, but I wanted to make an exception today for a special reason: it’s my birthday. I turn 21 years old today.

When I started this blog back in January, it was for a couple reasons. The main reasons are underneath my blog name: a way to find my voice and to build a community for people like me (For a full explanation of my blog’s purpose and objectives, you can visit the About page). I was tired of seeing my intersectional identity as a doubly loaded way I was isolated from others. I knew my identity made me unique and attached to that was a unique perspective I wanted to share with the world. Share I did–and it connected me with people I otherwise wouldn’t have known and opened an avenue with which to discuss my disability with my friends and family that wasn’t possible before.

With all that being said, I am waiting for a specific moment. The moment when someone discovers my blog and realizes that they aren’t alone–that there are others out there who are going through exactly what they are, and that we understand what it’s like. This has happened to me twice before. The first being when I discovered Transcending CP, a blog by friend K, and shortly after when I discovered Tonia Says, a blog by my friend Tonia. These two women were among the first adults I knew of that CP like me. Their blog posts were like gold to me–they were so valuable because I literally had no one I could talk to about adulthood with CP–and that glimpse into the future eased my worries so much.

The more people know about my blog, the more likely it will reach someone who needs it, and the more likely that this moment will happen. Knowing this, I have a small but humble request (a birthday wish of sorts) for my readers: Can you please share my blog with someone? It doesn’t have to be through a social media platform–it can just be one person who you think would enjoy reading my content. I am aware that this moment may have already happened for someone, and if that is case, I would love it if you could tell me! It would make all my work on this blog worth it.

I want to be clear that I apperciate you whether you choose to share my blog or not. The fact that you take time out of your days to read what I have to say is incredible in and of itself and enough for me. I don’t have the words to express how much it means to me. Thank you so much for all your support.


3 thoughts on “Special Edition Sunday Post: It’s My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I just wanted you to know that I have shared your blog with a few of my friends. One of them found your blog extremely helpful in understanding the disability community and disability experience for a project he is writing about disability, and another who also has CP and is muslim like you, found it easier to talk about the ableism he experiences in his muslim community after reading your blog and seeing your honesty. So be assured today on your birthday that your blog has helped many others even if they don’t comment. My apologies as well for not commenting more. Sometimes I just have a busy schedule and only have time to read your lovely posts. Thank you for sharing and please keep writing on this blog! Do you or muslims in general have any cool birthday traditions you could write about? Just a thought. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your birthday wish, M! And wow, it’s so amazing to hear that my blog has had an impact on your friends, especially the disabled Muslim, that makes me so happy! It’s good to know that others do benefit from my blog, even if they don’t leave comments. Umfortunately, I don’t know any birthday traditions I could write about. Here’s a fun fact though: The age of 40 is significant to Islam because the Prophet Muhammad was 40 years old when the religion was revealed to him.


      1. You’re very welcome Zahraa! I’m so glad I could make you happy on your birthday! I’ll continue to share your blog with others. Wow, I didn’t know that about Muhammad! Cool! Thanks!

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