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Guest Post: Social Isolation

Today I’ll be featuring a guest post (a first for my blog!) from my friend Aisha who has Turner’s Syndrome. Aisha and I met about two years ago on our university campus when she came up to me and introduced herself because she saw that I was sitting alone. I added her on Facebook, and we’ve been friends ever since. I hope you enjoy her post and show her lots of love in the comments or by connecting with her on Twitter.

Growing up with Turner Syndrome was extremely isolating in a lot of ways. I was not going through what many things girls my age were going through, and it was difficult to read social cues. I felt very alone and it did not help that I was bullied a lot and did not really have many friends. I am not blaming other people entirely; I was different and it’s not their fault they could not relate to me. However, it would have helped if people had made an effort to include me and invite me to hang out with them. I think it is important for people to have a sense of community and ensure that the people around them feel loved and safe. If you know someone is sick or lonely, try to reach out to them. I think my difficulties were also exacerbated by the fact that I was Muslim and Pakistani; it was already hard for me to relate to a lot of the people in my class who did not understand certain aspects of being Muslim. I think we could all make an effort (including myself) to consider the feelings of people around us and do our best to be there for everyone.




4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Social Isolation”

  1. I am very happy Aisha to see you succeed and be who you are today, and having the courage to share your experience. You and Zahraa are sharing experiences that many should read to realize the misunderstandings many have!!! ❤

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